Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Viair RV Air Compressor

After reading so much about maintaining the RV's tires, I knew that it would be wise to get a portable air compressor.  It needed to be one that wouldn't take up too much space and had the ability to handle the higher pressures that larger RV tires need.

Looking at various sites and reading responses in forums like irv2, I decided to get a Viair Portable Air Compressor model 400PA-RV (P/N 40047).  It came yesterday afternoon!

This compressor connects to your 12V car or RV battery and includes two 30' long stretch hoses that can be connected together to reach all of the RV's tires no matter how large it is.  The package includes the compressor, a nozzle with a pressure gauge, hoses, a connector to fill "normal" (not the inside tires) tires, an extension so you can reach in and fill the inside tires (for dual wheels) and a kit of small adapters to fill things like rafts and balls. It uses no oil, will fill tires up to 150 PSI and has an automatic shut-off function so it turns itself on and off between tire fills.

I got ours on Amazon.

Here's Viair's Youtube video:


  1. Does the 4369 come with a compressor already?

    1. I have understood that there is a compressor, but that it can't handle the big tire pressures over (if memory serves) about 90 PSI. Also, you need the hoses and other attachments anyway.

    2. Hello Mike! The onboard compressor will get you up to about 120 PSI give or take how your pressure governor is set. The problem to work around is when your onboard pressure drops and waits for the compressor to kick in to take you up to around 130 PSI. The RV Geeks have a pretty good video on that issue. I liked their review on the VIAIR but haven't decided on whether or not I like to use the 12V power source and long air hose to get around the coach. I've been happy with my Porter-Cable 150 PSI tank so haven't had reason to make the change but haven't totally ruled it out either.

    3. "Unknown", where is the compressor connection in the coach? I've never even asked anyone. I'm guessing it's up front in the generator compartment.

      Thanks for the info!