Saturday, September 12, 2015

Specials: The additions and changes we asked for

One of the great things about ordering a new motorhome from Newmar is that they really work with you to customize your order.  The basic order sheet has several options from which you can choose, but you can go beyond that and ask for just about anything.

When you put together your list of "specials", you are telling them what you'd like to add, delete, or change in the coach - changes that are not possible to show on the basic order form.

One dealer told me that they (the dealers) call the specials "SOCs".  I have no idea what that stands for.

After you put together your list, you give it to your dealer.  He sends it to Newmar, and they respond with the list of your items that indicates a number they have assigned to each one, whether or not they have "denied" it (if it doesn't say "denied", then it's approved), and a note as to whether the changes require a new engineering drawing (this could be another 2 weeks of back and forth as they show you the drawings).

When you get the list and look at the denied items, you may go back and suggest alternatives or ask questions.  After a few rounds of this, Newmar will produce the final list with wholesale and retail prices and give it to your dealer.  Your dealer will usually show you the retail price and tell you how much they will discount it.  You then have a final opportunity to remove things if you don't want them or think that they're too expensive.

Here are some of the things that we requested in our list of specials:

  • Upgrade the house batteries to maintenance-free batteries
  • Install a different model of microwave oven
  • Change the upholstery on some chairs from cloth to leather
  • Install several additional 110V outlets
  • Have HDMI wiring run to all TVs
  • Additional wiring for an external satellite dish
  • Pre-wiring for some third party devices we want to install after delivery
  • Change the type of kitchen sink
  • Additional lighting
We just received their (Newmar's) first take on our list.  Some things they denied didn't surprise me (like the pre-wiring).  Other denials we totally didn't see coming.  An example of this is their denial of the single stainless-steel sink in the kitchen.  It surprised us because the "official" Newmar video walkthrough of the 2016 Dutch Star 4369 features the sink we want.  So does the 20-minute walkthrough uploaded by Mount Comfort RV.  Needless to say, we have asked them to reconsider that one.

The next couple of weeks should be interesting as we continue to resolve all of the issues.  Stay tuned!

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