Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hershey Show Day!

Great day today, because Mrs. G is in Hershey for the big RV show.  She's there to choose colors, fabrics, tile, wallpaper, sinks, backsplashes, counters, lighting and exterior colors.

We knew before she left that she should meet with four people when she got there:  one of the Newmar factory reps (who we have met before and who is involved in our order), another factory rep who is the lady who handles a lot of the interior customization, and a couple that I've been corresponding with via e-mail.  The couple is about the same place in the ordering process as we are.

While at the hotel this morning having breakfast, she noticed that the two factory reps were at the next table and introduced herself.  And she wasn't at the show long when she ran into the couple!

So far today, she's Skyped twice to show me a few things.  Looks like a big show and I think what we get out of it will be well worth her visit.

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