Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Basic Order

This is what we've ordered, straight from the 2016 Dutch Star 4369 order sheet dated 7/22/2015.  Specials will listed after they are approved and finalized.  Given Newmar's current workload, it could be sometime next week.

Note that the exterior color isn't specified here.  It was sent to Newmar as part of the e-mail that transmitted this order form.  We requested the Mountain Aire's "Windswept" color scheme to exactly match that of Dutch Star Coach #xxxxxxx, already in our dealer's inventory (see We have chosen our exterior color scheme!).


  1. Mike thanks for the great blog! Quick question, what is the universal remote option? I don't see it on the order sheet on Newmar's site.

    1. I asked that question once and was simply told, "'re really going to want that". I picked up the bag containing the remote while looking through a new coach and it looks just like a plain universal remote that you could buy in any store. I think it's there so you'll have something to operate the Blu-Ray + TV + audio at once. But, I've been remiss in not checking to see if it's strictly infrared. If so, where do you point it? We kept it in our list only because one or two people told us to.

  2. I'm finding your blog very helpful. We hope to order a new Ventana in the next month or so (or just find one to buy out of inventory, plan B), probably from your dealer, since we're just east of you on the coast. If I post my gmail, would you mind if I send you a few questions...actually, probably more than a few, like a bazillion. I can't seem to find a link here anywhere to send you a PM. Thanks. John

  3. JCC - just added a "Contact me" section to the blog. Feel free to contact me if you need anything more specific. It's still a good idea to put general questions as a comment under an appropriate topic, if your questions match a topic.