Sunday, September 13, 2015

Best RV site on the Internet?

I've been spending hours and hours every week for more than two years reading everything I can find about RVs.  There are a lot of RV-related sites out there; just take a look at's list of RV sites and you'll see a partial list of what's out there.

But the best site, by far, of RV information and help is  irv2 has tons of forums and help is easily available for everything - and I literally mean everything - you could possibly want dealing with your RV.

There are forums for various classes of RVs, owners forums, and technical forums.  I've gotten more valuable information from the Newmar Owner's Forum on irv2 than all other sources combined.  People who have years of RV experience with your type of motorhome are there to answer questions and cheer you on as you go through the process of buying, selling, repairing, modifying, and just figuring out your RV.  In my case, I have really appreciated reading the posts of people like DutchStarDon, GaryKD, 007, Deek, PDRJohn and others.  I have learned a lot from them, and hope I can pay some of it forward to others.

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  1. Yes, I check out irv2 every few days. And yes, the Newmar Forum has been very helpful. Keep posting, it's a fun trip.