Sunday, August 27, 2017

Answers to some common RV questions on Facebook

After many years of reading posts from more than 20 different RV Facebook groups, reading and contributing to IRV2, attending 12+ RV super shows and talking to hundreds of experienced and inexperienced Rvers, I'd like to offer this list of tips.  In my opinion, these are the most popular answers to questions on Facebook.

1. What type of toilet paper should we use?  Septic safe is good, the fewer ply the better.

2. Should I get a surge protector and, if so, which one? Hands down, yes.  Get a Progressive Industries EMS.  Not cheap, but the best protection and a lifetime warranty.  By far the most recommended.

3. Should I get a tire pressure monitoring system and, if so, which one?  Responses are slightly in favor of "Yes", with motorhome owners answering Yes more often.  EEZTire and Tireminder are the most often recommended.

4. Should I get a RV GPS and, if so, which one?  By a wide margin, yes.  Most people say Garmin (the 760 or the newer 770).  In second place is the Rand McNally.  For apps, most recommend CoPilot.

5. What apps can I use to find campgrounds?  Allstays is the most popular answer.

6. What can I use to plan a trip?  A slight majority say google maps and a (paper) road atlas.  RVTripWizard is the most mentioned online option.

7. Should we turn off our propane when refueling?  Most folks say "no", it's unnecessary.

8. What are the best RV manufacturers?   In the $150K-$400K range, Newmar and Tiffin motorhomes are most frequently recommended. After that, Winnebago and Fleetwood.  For fifth wheels there are many, although Grand Design and DRV are often favorably mentioned.

9. What should I avoid?   Service at Camping World or anything Thor.

10. What do we do about loud neighbors, barking dogs or people cutting through our campsite?  Talk to management.  If they don't do anything, leave.

11. What are recommended campgrounds in SomeCity USA?  Go look at

12. "This questions may have already been asked, but….".  Search for an answer on Google, or search in your favorite Facebook group (see for some extra tips).

13. For a motorhome, should I get gas or diesel?  By overwhelming majority (and if you can afford it), diesel.

14. Where can I get RV insurance?  Most frequent answers are Good Sam's, Progressive and AAA.

15. What RV air compressor do you recommend?   Most popular brand mentioned is Viair.

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