Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dealer Recommendations

I talked about this a little bit in an earlier post, but thought that it's important to give recognition where recognition is deserved.  Here's a little bit about our favorite salespeople and dealers.

If you've read our story, we originally wanted to order a 2016 Newmar Dutch Star (after years of research) but ended up buying a new 2015 coach of  the same model.  During the planning and negotiations for our customized 2016, we got quotes from several salesmen and dealers.  In the end, we found a 2015 model we wanted at a highly-recommended dealership in Georgia and were very pleased that we went with them.

Before we sent out our requests for quotes, we researched dealerships by looking them up, pouring through their web sites, seeing what shows they participated in, examining their dealership and service awards, and then combing through forums looking for customer comments - good or bad - about purchase and maintenance issues.

Here are the salesmen and dealers that impressed us the most, and why we think they represent the cream of the crop.

David Scott, Independence RV in Winter Garden, FL.   As everyone knows, Florida is knee-deep in RVs.  And the Central Florida area, home of Walt Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios is a very desireable area for RVers.  Newmar allows certain top-notch dealerships to sell their products and each of them is given a particular territory.  Independence RV has Central Florida area around Orlando, which includes Kissimmee and Clermont.  The dealership isn't large, but their employee's knowledge about Newmar coaches is incredible.  Their  service department has  won several of Newmar's top service awards (the Mahlon Miller Service Excellence Award - they only give out a few of them each year).

We were fortunate to land David Scott as our salesman.  Every time we went to the dealership, often just to sit in a coach and talk, David was there.  He applied no pressure whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, he took the time to sit with us and talk about the RV lifestyle and design ideas (of which he had many) for our order.  When it came time to send in our "special requests", he prepared the lists from papers we gave him and made several phone calls to Newmar to clear up some things we didn't understand.  After we received several other quotes (we did our homework), we were honest with David and shared our  concerns.  He worked fast to get us the best price of all the ones we had been given.  And when we decided, for reasons related to some manufacturing issues for that  model year, not to buy the coach from him, he graciously said he fully understood and refunded our deposit.

David is easy-going, has a great eye for design issues, and is patient.  We highly recommend him if you are looking to buy a coach, whether or not you live in Florida.  But particularly if you're thinking about Independence RV.

David may be reached by calling 407-877-7878 extension 8817.  His e-mail address is

Tony Morse, National Indoor RV Center in Livingston, GA.  I had heard fleeting things in the forums about NIRVC.  They apparently have several dealerships around the country, and people always tell stories about how happy they were when they did business with them.  As it turned out, the only dealership in the country that had the 2015 coach that matched our wish list was this one.  We spoke on the phone with Tony and, the next day, drove seven hours to NIRVC.  When we pulled up about 2:30 in the afternoon, Tony had the coach we wanted to see sitting in an empty parking lot  next to the dealership - with the slides out and the A/C running.

Our experience at NIRVC was wonderful.  The facility was a bit older, but they will soon be moving into a beautiful, large, brand new home that will offer much more in the way of parking and amenities for their  customers.  When we arrived to pick up our coach a week later, they had pulled it into the main showroom area and about six people were rubbing it with cloths like a person does when they polish a mirror.  Slides were out, lights were on, and a tech took his time to show us everything and answer all of our questions

Tony then set us up with three nights of camping at Stone Mountain, only four miles from their dealership (it'll be about 21 miles from the new one).  That gave us a chance to camp nearby and then return for any tweaks or concerns.  And if you have to stay overnight while they are working, they'll plug you into 50 amp power and let you stay overnight.  This is a top-notch dealership - especially in the service department.  All of them - service techs (three of them!), Todd (the General Manager) and Tony individually came up to me and gave me their personal cell phone numbers in case I ever have a question.  The second night we were at Stone Mountain, a Saturday night, I called two of them and they patiently helped me over the phone.  NIRVC should be on everyone's list who is shopping for a new RV.

Tony may be reached by calling 770-979-4051.  His e-mail address is

Chad DeMaat, Midway RV, Grand Rapids, MI.  When I was scouring Internet forums looking for recommendations of places to get quotes, I noticed that there were a lot of positive posts for Midway RV.  I contacted them and happened upon Chad, who not only fired back his numbers quickly, he included a lengthy e-mail that went over all of the details and provided suggestions.  Chad was very helpful on the phone and said that if we decided to work with him, he would meet us at the Newmar factory (about two hours from his dealership) to do the paperwork.  Based on the price he gave us, the details he provided, his quick turnaround time and his friendly talks with us on the phone, Chad seems like he'd be the perfect kind of salesman to work with.  Even though he is so far from where we currently live, he was our second choice - only because we had been working with David at Independence.  When I let Chad know that we were going with Independence, he had kind words for them and was very gracious and understanding.  I hope I can meet him in person one day.

Chad may be reached by calling 800-875-4787.  His e-mail address is


We spoke with several other dealers while we were looking and left with what I'd call "average" impressions.  Some hardly ever returned calls, others passed us from person-to-person, and some were even discouraging.

If you're looking for quotes for a new RV, call David, Tony or Chad.  I guarantee you'll be glad you did.


  1. Mike hello, we are in the process of evaluating dealers and getting quotes for a 4369. Spent the day at NIRV in GA and was very impressed with the facility. Got a couple of questions. In the post above you say you bought a DS from a dealer in GA but in the comments regarding Midway you say you told him (Chad) you were going with Independence RV in Florida. What did you end up doing? Did you find pricing to be equal at the three dealers?

    1. You can read my other article "We just got our new coach" ( for the details of our purchase and what we ended up doing. When we priced, we were pricing a 2016 at all three dealers. We ended up buying a 2015 at NIRVC. In all cases, the quotes were similar; they were in the 27-29% off MSRP range.