Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Courses to take and things to buy

Now that we have the RV and have bought the basics, we're beginning to realize a few other things we need.  It's also time to set up a few courses and think about when we want to get some of the other accessories we wanted.

Here's a list of what's coming up:

  • Tow bar, base plate and braking system.  We plan to get a Blue Ox tow bar and an Air Force One braking system.  Hopefully, we'll have all of it installed before January.
  • Driver Confidence Training.  Lazy Days offers this course and we plan to take it at the end of December.  Two hours of classroom in the morning followed by two hours of driving in the afternoon.  Their 45-minute video on Youtube is really good.
  • Other courses.  While at Lazy Days, my DW plans to take a few one-hour courses in Convection Microwave Cooking, Insurance and Trip Planning.
  • Camp Freightliner.  We had reservations to get six-month service and attend the camp next October, but since we bought our coach earlier we'll need to move the date to the left.  We'll probably go next May, June or July now.
  • Supplies.  After driving a bit, I want one of those long-handled brushes to clean the windshield.  We also need tire covers, a lightweight/collapsible kitchen garbage bag holder, some DEF to carry in the coach, roadside emergency triangles, and an Oxygenics shower head.
  • Accessories.  Although we'll wait a while to get some of these things, we still want a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, a Wifi range extender, satellite receivers, a SeeLevel tank monitoring system, some jack pads and a cell signal booster. 
There's a lot to do, but we're enjoying every minute of it.

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