Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pictures of our new 2015 Dutch Star 4369

We were lucky to find one of the few remaining new 2015 Dutch Star 4369's.  When we looked on the Internet - not two weeks ago - we only saw about fifteen listings.  The one that we found and bought has the following features that we really wanted in a Dutch Star:

  • Couch
  • Recliners
  • Dinette with the roll-away table
  • Awning with LED lights and a wind sensor
  • Residential refrigerator with in-door water/ice dispenser
  • Kitchen window
Unless otherwise indicated, these photos were taken by the staff at National Indoor RV Centers in Lilburn, GA and appeared in the online ad that saw when shortly before we made our first inquiry.

When we first walked through the Dutch Star more than a year ago, we looked at the options for exterior colors.  Of the standard schemes they offered, my favorite was Bon Bon.  It's a combination of black, beige, white and beige-brown (almost gray).  Another bonus for us when we found this coach online was that it had the Bon Bon colors.

All Dutch Stars are painted so that the sides of the slides match the designs on the sides of the walls as though it were one continuous design.  The colors here allowed us to have a dark look while still "matching" our interior colors.

In the interior, we opted for the two recliners opposite the sofa.  The cherry cabinets were a plus because we had originally ordered those anyway.  While they may darken with age, the grain in the wood gives the entire coach more texture and goes very well with the cordova furniture.  The floor tile was a surprise because we had thought about putting in something lighter.  However, we had always liked the darker tile because everything looked good against and it has lots of variations that give it a more elegant appearance.  And no, we didn't keep the orange pillows.

We were lucky to find this particular rig because it has the roll-away dinette table.  The table is made of several segments that are literally rolled into the buffet under the window.  When it's fully pulled out, it's about 48 inches long - plenty enough to seat four people to eat or play cards.  I posted a lot about our original decision regarding the dinette in an article called Choosing a dinette.

These photos give you an idea of the rest of the coach, with a picture of the rear bathroom sinks and the bedroom.  The entire floor plan and most of the features of this 2015 model are the same as in a previous post called Interior features of the 2016 Dutch Star 4369.

I've already spent a lot of time describing the 4369, so let's get on to the our first night out!

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